Twinneroo Nappy Bag for Twins

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Now: NZ$60.00
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The Twinneroo Twin Nappy bag has been specially designed with parents of twins and multiples in mind.

It takes away the hassle of trying to find something, in an overstuffed nappy bag that wasn't designed to hold everything you need for getting out of the house with twins! 

The Twinneroo has been carefully and thoughtfully created to be functional, practical, and easy to use.

It has pockets EVERYWHERE! You can have everything organised and easy to find, without having to tip the entire contents of the nappy bag out trying to find those elusive dummies, before your gorgeous little angels decide the end of the world has arrived until the dummies can be found.


This super spacious bag has a total of six pockets on the outside, including two insulated pouches for bottles, baby food, or other perishables! Inside, you will find six mesh pockets for even more storage - nappies/cloth flannels/those elusive dummies.... 

The Twinneroo also includes two individual insert bags of different colours to allow easy sorting of each baby’s belongings - how great is that!!

The bag is constructed of a durable material that maintains its form and is easy to clean! The interior of the bag is lined with a washable material to easily clean everyday spills.

The diaper bag also ships with a handy changing pad for added convenience!  

The Twinneroo is the perfect diaper bag for parents of multiples on the go! 

Available in Khaki.  


Key Features:

  • Spacious twin nappy bag designed to handle the needs of twins.
  • Includes two individual insert bags (different colours) to separate twin's outfits and personal items. 
  • Two large insulated outside pockets keep your babies’ food cool. 
  • The uniquely design bag will maintain its shape while you search inside. 
  • The Twinneroo is khaki coloured with dark brown detailing
  • Measures 44.5cm (L) x 37.0cm (H) x 20.5cm (W)