TwinGo Shoulder Straps | Mei Tai Style

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These straps convert your TwinGo Carrier into a Mei Tai style carrier. Please note these straps are for the 2014 - 2016 models ONLY. They will not fit the current 2017 model. 

Crisscross the padded straps and wrap the 100% cotton fabric tails around you and your baby to get a truly custom fit!

The 183cm long straps can tie in the front or back and are suitable for front, back and hip carries with your child.


When to use: 

Use the TwinGo Mei Tai Straps when you want to carry only one child on your front, back or hip using this Asian-inspired style of babywearing.


How to use: 

Buckle the Mei Tai Straps directly to the Attachment Carrier prior to use and wrap the safety elastic loops around each buckle. Crisscross the straps and wrap the fabric tails around you and your baby; tie a double-knot to secure in the front or back. Follow the instruction manual for loading a baby in the carrier for either the front or back carry positions.