Twin Feeding Set

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If you have twins you know that every minute counts - especially if you have two hungry babies on your hands.

The twin feeding set is a one of a kind product that solves a problem all twin parents face - how to feed two hungry mouths without sharing germs and in a way so you know how much each twin has eaten.

The Twin Feeding Set was created by a mum of twins with exactly those issues in her mind and it makes feeding twins so much easier. 

The twin feeding set enables parents to feed two babies easily when one has a food allergy or one requires medicine with their food to overcome a cold.

It also keeps germs separated. You will never spread a cold again during feeding time.

Preventing the spread of germs is especially critical in twins, who might have been born prematurely.

Pediatricians urge parents to limit their twins exposure to people with colds and illnesses until their second birthdays. If babies’ lungs weren’t fully developed at birth, they’re more likely to develop asthma if they have frequent colds.


The set provides two spoons to keep germs separate and two matching bowls that makes it easy for you to measure how much food each twin has consumed.

It is easy to hold and allows you to feed both twins without juggling separate bowls and spoons.

It makes the perfect gift for parents of twins.

Key Features: 

  • Feed two babies without juggling separate bowls and spoons!
  • Decrease the wait time between bites for multiples!
  • Fight spreading germs!
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • BPA Free
  • Each bowl holds up to 130mls of food
  • Suitable for ages 4 - 12 months


How to use:

1. Fill bowl A with baby food for your Baby A and fill bowl B with baby food for your Baby B.

2. Hold the bowl in one hand or place it somewhere that is easily accessible while feeding.

3. Dip the spoons into the bowls. Spoon A will go into bowl A and spoon B will go into bowl B.

4. Ensure they have the desired amount of baby food for each bite.

5. Move the spoon to feed Baby A and then immediately over to feed Baby B. The spoons are far enough apart that the baby will only notice their spoon and food, enabling you to feed both quickly.

6. Then refill the spoons and repeat until your twins are full.


Watch it in action: