Shopping Trolley Seat

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What do you do, when you have two?

Buggy Bench was designed by a mother with you guessed it, Twins!

So how does a mother with two young kids go shopping?

The solution is simple, Buggy Bench!

This patent pending design allows you to have the ability to create a second seat in your shopping cart.

With maximum stability and a capacity of up to 18 kilograms, it allows your safely-harnessed shopping buddy to sit back and relax in the shopping trolley. Designed with comfort and safety in mind your Buggy Bench will make shopping a little less stressful.

Weighing just 500g, it is designed to fold up and conveniently fit into your nappy bag, and MOST importantly, it makes your out of the house experience more enjoyable.

The great thing about the Buggy Bench is that it is not just for twins! I see mums all the time with their toddlers in the basket of the cart and their babies buckled in the front or vice versa. Now you can provide your toddler with their own special seat while baby sits in the front.

The Buggy Bench is machine washable by simply flipping it inside out and removing the upper and lower plastic supports. Please machine wash in cool water with like-coloured items and on delicate mode if available.

Buggy Bench™ Shopping Cart Seat from Buggy Bench on Vimeo.

Buggy Bench - Installation from Buggy Bench on Vimeo.