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A beautiful twins daily journal to record everything your newborn twins get up to each day. Keep track of their sleep and feeding routines plus nappy changes, mood charts and much more.

Your first few precious months managing newborn twins can seem quite exciting, overwhelming and amazing.

You will be getting to know your two new cherubs plus learning how to be a mummy of twins - its a HUGE task and there is so much to remember and learn.

Throw in a good dose of sleep deprivation and the chances of you remembering who had/did what during the day is practically ZERO.

It is hard enough keeping track of one babies feeding and sleeping habits and health issues let alone TWO and yet you are expected to update your midwife/GP/Pediatrician at each visit with how your babies are tracking.

That's why I have created this beautiful Our Twins Daily Journal so you can write everything your babies get up to in their day, all in one place.

There is a place to record:

  • Feeding times, duration, method and breast side
  • Nap times and duration
  • Nappy status
  • Medications given
  • Comments about their sleep
  • General mood
  • Other health symptoms to keep of track of
  • Key milestones
  • Plus other notes, reminders or appointments you need to attend. 


It is also beautiful keepsake to look back on to remind yourself of those precious early days with your delicious duo.

Product details:

  • One day per A4 page so you can see both babies info at a glance
  • 50 pages per download (enough for 6 weeks)

Please note: This product is a digital product only. You will receive a link to download and print this journal off yourself. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT WILL BE SENT TO YOU.