Minimonkey Twin Baby Carrier

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If you have been looking for a comfortable, safe and easy way to carry your twins, then the Minimonkey TWIN Carrier is your answer.

Designed to carry your twins right from newborn to a maximum weight of 12kg per baby, this comfortable and ergonomic solution is both safe and easy to use.

The MiniMonkey TWIN carrier supports ergonomic positioning and is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

It offers a fantastic alternative to a woven wrap, as you don’t need to learn to manage wrapping and tying two babies in safely, plus all the tightening and tying techniques that come with woven wrapping.

It is ideal for mama’s who love to wear their babies on their front where they can see them, rather than the traditional front/back twin carriers.

Ships worldwide within 2-5 business days.


Comfort for You

Carrying twins is no easy task – especially as they get bigger and more wriggly. The MiniMonkey TWIN carrier has many features to ensure your babies are safe and comfortable but that mama is comfy too.

The carrier features a padded waistband which helps to ease some of the weight away from your shoulders, and the straps at your back can be tightened to ensure that you can perfectly balance the weight of both babies.

It also features padded shoulder straps that can be spread out and cupped over your shoulders to prevent them digging in and to alleviate the weight pressing down in one area

Your babies are nestled in two pockets which attach to the waistband by two sections that go between each baby’s legs, providing both comfort and safety. These sections can be moved along the waistband from the central position so as your babies grow they can be relocated to a hip wear position giving them (and you) more space.

Ergonomically Designed

When purchasing a carrier for your twins, one of the key features you should look for is whether your babies hips are positioned correctly and whether their spine and hips are well supported.

Babies should always be carried facing you – never facing out – so as to create a froglike ‘M’ position, with their knees higher than their hips.

The MiniMonkey Twin Carrier features a fabric lip which enables this optimal positioning by bringing your babies knees up above their bottoms, supporting them into the “M” shaped positioning, which supports hip development.

The pockets are also designed to encourage a pelvic tilt and encourages the spine to curve towards you with the fabric providing support and comfort while their head can rest snuggly against you.

The top section that supports the neck is softly padded and can be tightened to give the right amount of support to each child.

Simple to use and wear

When you first receive your MiniMonkey TWIN carrier you should spend some time setting it up to fit not only your body, but your babies as well. Once you have it all set up then each time you go to use it, it is just like slipping on a t-shirt – easy! You will become a pro in no time.

Designed by a Mum who knew the struggle of trying to carry two babies at once, the Minimonkey Twin Carrier comes with all the great benefits of a single carrier...

- The upright position aids digestion, and also helps with wind and reflux

- Your twins are soothed by the sound of your heartbeat, the warmth of your body, and your familiar smell

- You get to carry both of your babies at once and still have your hands free!


Safe and snug twin carrying on the go is a breeze with this amazing, ergonomic twin carrier!

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