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DIDYMOS Woven Wrap - Size 7 for Twins (Organic Cotton)

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DIDYMOS Woven Wrap Baby Carrier Prima Aurora (Organic Cotton), Size 7 B06XT1BJCT

The DIDYMOS baby sling is a wonderful accessory that allows for integrating baby care into everyday life.

Baby can be securely and comfortably carried, and offers two free hands to parent Encourages closeness and bonding between baby and parent Baby will be able to view its surroundings, and learn from them, in a very safe environment Beautifully woven of organic cotton, using only safe, non toxic dyes.


  • Woven Wraps are the most versatile baby carrier with many different tying options for FRONT, HIP and BACK CARRIES.
  • Fully Adjustable For A Perfect Fit Each Time Regardless Of Person'S Shape Or Size; One Size Fits All Ages And Baby Stages, From Newborn To Pre-School Age.
  • Perfectly Supports Baby In An Optimal Secure Position, And Provides Comfortable Babywearing, Even As Baby Grows.
  • Allows for integrating baby care into everyday life, providing a safe and secure place for baby, all while keeping TWO HANDS FREE.
  • Beautifully woven of 100% ORGANIC COTTON, using only safe, non-toxic dyes.


Didymos – is a Greek word meaning “twins”. 

Erika Hoffmann, the founder of Didymos, was expecting twins. As most of you might know, it is not easy to carry a newborn while also doing grocery shopping or even buying a ticket for public transportation; but having twins increases the demand on parents and makes normal everyday logistics perplexing and overwhelming.

It was the birth of twins that marked the starting point of Didymos.