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Have you ever needed an extra hand bottle feeding your twin or triplet babies but became frustrated propping the baby bottle with pillows or toys that never stayed in position? 

Available exclusively in New Zealand through Twins & More - the BeBe Bottle Sling will provide that seriously needed extra pair of hands during feeding time. It's designed to hang from any car capsule or bouncinette, holding the bottle at the correct position for hands free bottle feeding.

Parents of twins and triplets say that these baby bottle holders are a lifesaver and are essential to feeding multiples at the same time.

The Bebe Bottle Sling makes an excellent baby shower gift to help mums of multiples get both babies fed at the same time while helping the babies to learn how to hold the bottle.  

The bottle sling suspends the bottle so the babies can practice holding the bottle while in a semi-upright position.  It is as easy as spitting out a pacifier for the babies to stop feeding.  Great for parents who need a helping hand and want to let their baby practice holding their own bottle.

Key features of the Bottle Sling:

  • teaches baby to hold the bottle
  • holds the bottle at the correct angle
  • adjusts to fit all bottle sizes and types
  • adapts to fit all infant car capsules
  • encourages hand-eye coordination
  • easy to pack and clean
  • cute toy look entertains baby
  • can be used in bouncers
Please Note: The Bebe Bottle Sling is NOT recommended for use in a moving vehicle. Close supervision is required during use.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling work on my carseat?
This product has been designed to work with all car seats through the use of velcro/snaps. Some car seats don't require the use of any of the velcro/snaps while others do to ensure the baby bottle is aligned at the correct angle for proper use. See the packaging instructions for further details regarding your particular type of car seat.
2. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling work with my baby bottle?
The large velcro strap will adjust to all bottle diameters including the large AVENT™ baby bottles. In addition, the bottle sling will work with angled baby bottles through the use of a snap. See the packaging instructions for further details regarding angled baby bottles.
3. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling cause baby to choke?
Some doctors object to propping the baby bottle in place while the baby is lying down flat. In addition, doctors warn about letting the baby sleep with the baby bottle in their mouth. The fear is that the baby bottle will continue to drip milk/formula into the mouth of the infant when the baby is asleep causing the baby to choke or that the baby will not be able to get the nipple out of their mouth when they are finished feeding.
The Bebe Bottle Sling only works in conjunction with an infant carseat, which positions the infant in a semi-upright position. This is the optimal position for baby feeding as it reduces the possibility of choking and helps prevent ear infections caused by a build up of fluids in the ear when feeding while lying flat. In addition, there is nothing forcing the bottle into the mouth of the infant when using the bottle sling. The baby must suck the nipple into their mouth; therefore, it is very easy for the infant to spit the nipple out as they would a pacifier. However, depending on the type of nipple used, the baby bottle may continue to drip milk/formula after the child is no longer sucking. To minimize dripping we recommend cross-cut nipples (see more details in FAQ #4 below).
NEVER leave the baby unattended while using the baby bottle sling and NEVER allow the baby to sleep with the baby bottle in their mouth. 
Pediatricians agree that the baby bottle sling is safe to use when the bottle sling is used properly and the instructions on the warning label are adhered to. Whether you're holding the baby bottle, using the Bebe Bottle Sling, or some other bottle prop device, baby bottle feeding is something that babies acquire better skills for over time. You should find that after your newborn/baby has had sufficient time to get use to baby bottle feeding, you will be able to introduce the Bebe Bottle Sling as a welcomed substitute for your hands.
We hope you enjoy the extra help and convenience that the Bebe Bottle Sling provides when you need it.
4. Will the baby bottle drip while hanging in the bottle sling?
The answer to this question depends on the type of nipple used. Standard nipples with a hole will continue to drip even if the baby is not sucking on the baby bottle. In this instance it is best to place a bib on the infant and be careful to notice if the baby seems to be playing more with the bottle than feeding. If this occurs, the baby bottle should be removed as the infant is probably not hungry.Cross-cut nipples, however, will not drip. These nipples have an X or Y shaped cut in the nipple instead of a hole. They allow the baby to suck in as much or little of the milk/formula as they want. This type of nipple is ideal for use with this baby bottle holder.
5. Can I use the Bebe Bottle Sling in a moving vehicle?
We do not recommend using the bottle sling in a moving vehicle. Should you become involved in a collision or simply stop or turn suddenly, the baby bottle could cause injury to the baby.
6. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling cause my babies to be lazy?
More so than baby feeding by hand, the bottle sling will actually cause the baby to want to grab the bottle and manipulate it. Pediatricians agree that the bottle sling enhances hand-eye coordination. Testimony from customers has revealed that babies learn how to hold the baby bottle by themselves sooner when using the bottle sling.
7. Shouldn't I hold my babies when bottle-feeding so that they know I love them?
Yes. We are not advocating the use of this baby bottle holder all the time when feeding your infant. The bottle sling is there when you need an extra set of hands, which may be several times a day or a couple of times a week. Babies are loved and nurtured in many different ways, not just during feeding. For mothers of multiples it is very difficult to hold each infant every time during baby feeding.
8. Can I order the Bebe Bottle Sling in different colours?
Currently the bottle sling is offered in 3 colours and animal styles.

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